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The Steps

Topics include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Employment/interview skills
  • Budgeting/finance
  • Manners & Etiquette
  • Time Management 
  • Auto Skills
  • Basic Home Maintenance
  • Much More!


What does it require?

Just your participation and a desire to make your life your own!



Classes are held in Castle Rock, CO and are limited to 10-12 students (ages 14-18) to keep classes lively and timely.

Check out the schedule and sign up, spaces are limited!

What could you learn?


Take our quiz to see if Learnlife could help you!


Are you comfortable speaking face-to-face with people?  

Can you interview like a pro?  Do you know what to bring and what to wear to an interview?

How is your etiquette?  Do you know which fork is for which course?

Do you know what information you need to exchange if you're in a car accident?

Can you address an envelope?

Can you write a check?

Can you create a workable budget?

Can you change a car tire?

Do you know what it means if you smell rotten eggs in your home?

Is your handshake something people will remember

These are just a few of the skills you will learn in a LearnLife class!

What people are saying....


 "I am truly thankful that I came across Shannon and that she has become an adult in my life that I can depend on. It is something that teenagers really need, to have a guide for you when you don’t know what you’re doing in life. Shannon’s a really awesome person and I think every teenager in castle rock should have the opportunity to meet her and participate in the classes. I am personally telling you that it helps a lot because schools fail to teach you the basic needs when you move out and become an adult and sometimes parents can’t always be there. That being said, it’s so helpful to learn adulting because when life throws things in your way and you don’t know what to do then things become tougher than they should be, therefore it’s truly helpful to have a guide. I hope the word spreads on the classes she gives because Shannon is such a loving person ! I want to thank her for being there and helping me out 😄 " 


"Learn Life is a awesome program to teach teens the necessary skills to thrive in life. My daughter has found the topics to be very informative. A huge thumbs up!!"

 "I have really enjoyed the LearnLife classes I have taken with Mrs. Claton. She is very enthusiastic and fun and has a very good understanding of her topics. Her classes are full of valuable information and practical advice.  Whoever takes these classes is in for a real treat! -Riley Hamilton, student " 

 "Wish I had something like this before I took on this whole “adult thing”! So proud of my old boss Shannon Claton and I highly suggest having your teens take her classes!" 

 "As a 20+ year educator, I can see the benefits of these classes for teenagers. When students learn how to navigate the adult world, it better prepares them for their current classes, finding and keeping a job, and preparing them for the social and emotional aspects of college. Mastering these skills should build their self-esteem and hopefully help them see how their classes connect to their life. " 

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